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Monday, November 21, 2011

Mystery In Milton, Part 2

William T. Wolfe, and Webb Allen were arrested and their bond was set at $25,000 by Judge W. A. McLoed. Attorney's for Wolfe, and Allen claimed insufficient evidence, and excessive bond in a writ for Habeas Corpus before the Supreme Court in Tallahassee. After the ruling, Wolfe was set free, and Allen's bond was reduced to $5000. After about a week, Allen was able to raise the $5000, and was released from jail. The shotgun that was found near the scene of the crime, had been bought at a pawn shop by S.G. Collins, and he had reported it stolen. Apparently, this shotgun was the only circumstantial evidence against Collins. Of course, Collins was suspected of hiring someone to kill Gainer, and he made sure he was out of town at the time the crime was committed.  His lawyer, L. V. Trueman also made sure he was out of town. There was an article in the Milton Gazette reporting that Trueman and his wife were taking a trip to Cuba. Gainer was killed while both of them were out of town.  Collins was one of the wealthiest, and powerful men in the County, surely if he was going to have someone killed he would not use a shotgun that once belonged to him, and leave it near the crime scene to be discovered by the authorities. The whole investigation went off the rails when S. G. "Babe" Collins was assassinated across the bridge in East Milton on the evening of 11 Sept 1931. To Be Continued....

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